Words meaning “Beautiful”

1. Tempting everyone, young at heart, to join band
2. Extremely sweet and innocent
3. Going to a higher authority is attractive
4. Seductive humour, feature in appeal
5. Delightful tea with the best china?
6. Like a good winner
7. Lovable Danish king abandons heart of France
8. Amazingly impressive like car headlights?
9. Perceive to be related to a god
10. English soldier seen around section is simply ingenious
11. Lover once wholly transfixed by island of great beauty
12. Eat too much egg ourselves it's lovely
13. Goodlooking, a ... man
14. See very small city as pretty as a picture
15. Roy Orbison hit, Oh Woman
16. Gorgeous gunners leaving without a note
17. Bewildering, but delightful all the same
18. Go a mile to catch the bus? That's so awe inspiring

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