The Rain Forest

1. Leave a stream before ape
2. In anyone's book, the forecasters will read something into these
3. A tropical fruit from a restraining order to a bounder with nothing
4. Longtime Life Savers flavor
5. Overhanging covering
6. Runners grown in your garden
7. Baby's toy near the creepers they're poisonous
8. Among bananas, a different fruit
9. Couldn't you put one straight on the boat?
10. Tropical American, longtailed parrot
11. South and Central American mammal that doesn't move quickly
12. Leopard one breathless catching horse?
13. Big, juicy tropical fruit
14. With the circled letters and 46Across, playground keepaway game
15. South American native's mostly feeling affection on vacation
16. He is involved with a cheat and is naturally spotted
17. The go marching one by one...
18. Type of Biblical leaf
19. Weather for some passionate kisses, in film tropes
20. Creatures that can freeze and thaw to survive the winter cold
21. Chopchop Seconds slipping away Ace is in the drink

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