Soft “C” or “G”

1. Kareem AbdulJabbar's position
2. The fuzz?
3. Emblem pinned onto clothing
4. Sessile marine animal, once thought to be a plant
5. Girl carrying right tool
6. There's no telling when any old tale begins like this.
7. Sure the first murderer embraced the Queen tightly at first
8. It is not known to cause anger on the street to begin with
9. Give all producing Hamlet
10. Word after dating or deleted
11. No cue could have been so light
12. Fruit from Oran, generally
13. Friendly Queen knocking one out as usual
14. Paprika or pepper
15. Look, hit the ball towards fine leg
16. And 22 Dancer who won the 1940 Best Actress Oscar for Kitty Foyle
17. Wedding or confirmation
18. Travelling show such as the one cofounded by the late Nell Gifford
19. What PPE stops the spread of
20. Jam, or a piece of cake
21. Styling tools
22. Unite firmly
23. Take a protest pose perhaps

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