Australian Animals

1. Knockout given in the fashion of an Australian marsupial
2. Women mostly pick up the tab for the burrowing marsupial
3. Should such a crossing be a flyover?
4. Jumper of angora, OK for a change
5. Cunning mantis and a hideous beast that's predatory
6. Enjoyed touching tail of charming mermaid?
7. Solid Rock band
8. Fool capturing a British animal
9. An awful noise? Go below It's a wild dog
10. Australian Easter animal
11. Line of children seeing potential danger in water
12. I'll be taking no flights? Rising anger after heading out
13. Odd creature with tail also includes a tailless variety
14. A girl without energy is a monster
15. Girl wants a husband? Simpleton
16. Cricket's 17 year kin

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