Character Traits

1. Results obtained from prisoner with chains
2. On piano in group to admire
3. Dependable engineers left with one expert
4. Blame is tinier, possibly misplaced
5. broker, impartial mediator in a dispute
6. Loving California band
7. Competent crew showing polite behaviour
8. Consider obsession that's restricted king?
9. That's just what a brunette's not got
10. Drug tea? It excited a feeling of appreciation
11. Helpful chap making container for beer, perhaps worried about drip
12. Stop being angry with
13. Game that's nice to play wearing crown
14. Home of the Musee Matisse
15. Willing to assist young lad not initially following university line
16. Get ; Don Adams series
17. A song from Despicable Me 2
18. Box without risk
19. Collected from borders of cabbage palm
20. Kind of sauce in Chinese cuisine
21. Being profound, I sew it up
22. The fearless five are secondtonone
23. Disposed to do good to others
24. Average, in statistics

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