Words meaning “Happy”

1. Delighted it's so very soft in the hay
2. Composer mostly rich and very happy
3. At the outset, blind drunk male's cheerful
4. To be in good spirits is to be what
5. Joyful story about Miliband?
6. Triumphant former soldier seen around last month
7. Very pleased with torch in action
8. First to encounter Conservative, still thrilled
9. Inapt rhyme of sad
10. Happily apt to burst into song
11. Delighted as wedding finally formally approved
12. Carefree when introducing Joyce last of all at the end of the day
13. Of July, perhaps, the 4th was pleasurable
14. John Singleton's horse, once trained by Gai Waterhouse, More ...
15. In transport project, including most of big network
16. mystery or legend? Agreement is uncertain, article being mislaid
17. Full of energy like some cheerleaders
18. Happy to see a learner relaxed after a poor start

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