Fun things to do

1. On the which it's possible there may be a pack of them
2. Sung Hyun in public garden
3. Step over dogs, say
4. Large university town and unitary authority area in Berkshire
5. Taking on the role of 32 down in Government
6. Wallace King loses lace when hiking
7. Focus of game day
8. 'A good walk spoiled'
9. Daily's pastimes
10. Woody Buzz Lightyear and Jessie in Pixar films
11. River to swell up round front of city train
12. Crossword quizzes
13. Worrying, say, keeping at home
14. Is such a force at the wheel or on course?
15. I must interrupt philosopher in his pursuits
16. 1991 Jilly Cooper novel
17. Not having got set, is off the mark
18. Old division of Yorkshire
19. Fire iron consisting of a metal rod with a handle
20. Gravity and Inception
21. Like a Nielsen family, presumably
22. Artwork on the wall
23. Misbehave with alcohol, golf and chanting

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