1. 1994 comedycrime film starring Kevin Spacey and Frank Whaley
2. Childhood toys
3. Space in many board games
4. Maneuver performed to reverse direction in a swimming race
5. How one may swim for nothing when on form
6. Support rower in style
7. One fourth of a swimming medley
8. Hurry to take holiday abroad perhaps
9. No longer a rumor
10. Tell a better story of an England cricketer, say
11. Looks surprisedly at the protective wear
12. Submerged, flooded
13. Give it to me for the duration
14. Do cut cost, it's normally done
15. Splashy event
16. Dry suggestion that you can't spell too well?
17. Appendages for fish
18. The Doctor of Divinity pales then goes out and walks in the water
19. Spill valve discovered in this place
20. Loses vigour
21. Combine in common fund

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