Indoor and Outdoor Activities

1. Madonna's first top 10 hit
2. Summer holiday activity
3. Some months, he reckons
4. Future time of need, metaphorically
5. Type of science
6. Ironman Triathlon essential
7. Common gradeschool pastime
8. Shaggy ox flipped a monarch going for a paddle
9. Game involving singer heard before dance
10. Gravity and Inception
11. Relax, then film dance and game
12. Monopoly, etc the result of company directors' antics
13. This might put some bounce back in your life as you age
14. Fun diversions when you're stuck at home
15. 'Such sweet compulsion doth in lie' John Milton 'Arcades' 1645
16. Which oriental martial art has a name meaning 'empty hand'?
17. Take down unstable ring for sport
18. Dance music, written about 2001, in baths?
19. Man with unit on Eiger involved in this?
20. Winter sport
21. Coming down from above
22. Ring friend abroad about kit for art in Tokyo
23. Man keeping fit sure to swim in watersport

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