Types of Food 4

1. Kind of fat ram in action?
2. Biscuit moistener
3. Actor who's overly demonstrative
4. Lemon, for example
5. Such a lad's apt to be considered a cold dish
6. Food for cool cats? Hardly
7. Saucy if horsy. Some might call her a dish
8. Fish for you aunt?
9. Japanese curry veggie
10. Grounds
11. Get this cooked old man in for food
12. Tbone or tenderloin
13. Gets going, so to speak
14. A green vegetable used in salads
15. Edible snails? Definitely not
16. By midmorning there's plenty of food
17. Type of loin or roast
18. 64Across makes it rise
19. Wally tucking into fishy creole stew
20. About five there's trend in cooking informal meal
21. Upset CIA Roman dish
22. A corny serial, we hear

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